Storage Caverns

Storage Caverns

Underground Salt Cavern Storage in Alberta & Throughout Western Canada

Underground gas and oil storage facilities such as salt caverns or salt dome caverns have been used since the 1940’s for the economic secure and safe storage of a variety of hydrocarbons including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane, butane, ethane, ethylene, fuel oil, gasoline, and crude oil.

Over the past ten years, CBW Engineering has earned the reputation of having skilled, efficient and cost effective storage cavern project management in designing, drilling and developing underground salt cavern storage in Alberta and throughout Western Canada. CBW manages the design, drilling and development of  underground gas storage caverns mainly in bedded salt formations, using a team of both our in-house personnel and acknowledged experts. Experts that specialize in salt cavern completions and work-overs.

Here are some of our highlights and achievements:

  • Regarded as number one in the field of cavern storage
  • Over 40 oil and gas storage salt cavern projects successfully completed in bedded salt formations
  • 10 years experience (and counting)
  • Involvement Solution mining operations
  • Salt cavern completions, work-overs, MIT tests
  • Affiliated with EPCM groups for surface facility engineering, design and construction
  • High customer confidence level due to our safety measures and cost effective salt storage cavern project management
  • Gas and oil storage cavern government applications, permits and submissions
  • Personnel with the right qualifications
  • Complete your next salt cavern storage project in less time and at lower cost


CBW Engineering can accommodate any of your oil and gas storage needs. Contact us today to review your gas and oil storage options. Our highly qualified engineers will help you develop a safe, budget friendly oil and gas storage salt cavern plan. Our success in developing underground crude oil and gas storage facilities such as salt caverns speaks for itself; visit our home page to see some of the clients we have been working with.

Salt Cavern Storage Illustration by CBW Engineering
Configuration of an underground salt cavern storage reservoir containing LPG by CBW Engineering