Consultant Tax Strategies

Consultant Tax Strategies

Are you a Consultant? Then you are probably a PSB (Personal Services Business)

Our strategy can help you minimize the risks of being a PSB and avoid CRA consequences!

CBW works with a team of experienced professionals including accountants and tax lawyers who can provide essential services to business owners to help them thrive in this ever-changing marketplace.

Our service offers a unique structure for subcontractors that can minimize the risks of being declared a Personal Services Business (PSB).

Why do you need to minimize the PSB risk?

Once you are declared a PSB by the CRA, you will lose a number of tax advantages.
  • You will not eligible to claim the Small Business Deduction
  • You will not be eligible to claim many standard business deductions
  • You may owe the CRA tax penalties from previous claims of disallowed business deductions and for back payroll taxes (CPP, EI)
  • You will now pay much higher tax because of the recent tax rate increase to personal services businesses
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