Our Team

CBW’s core of expertise pulls together teams of subject matter experts in office and field to successfully plan, engineer and execute each specific project.

Dustin Kinch, P.Eng

President, CEO

  • 15+ years oil and gas experience
  • Worked on the drilling rigs; 7 years as drilling engineer
  • Worked throughout Canada, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Gulf of Mexico on and offshore
  • Specializing in Salt Cavern Drilling & Completions
  • Supervised drilling, completion operations, technical support and programming

Peter Christensen, P.Eng

Vice President, COO

  • 11+ years of oil and gas experience in the roles of Engineer (Field, Senior, Design, and Production) and Drilling Engineer/Superintendent
  • Experienced in well design, drilling and completions cost estimates, casing design, preparation of drilling/completions/workover programs, well integrity management, execution of programs, operations  lead and optimization
  • Drilled Cardium and Glauc industry pacesetters in the Ferrier field and country pacesetter well in Algeria
  • Proven track record of driving down drilling time and cost

J Douglas Yeats

Completion & Work Over Engineering/ Superintendent

  • Completion & Work Over Engineering/ Superintendent
  • 40+ years experience in oil & gas operations
  • Prepared programs for Completion ,Work Over & Abandonment  operations for land and offshore operations
  • Performed completion  and work over operations in Southern North Sea, Siberia (Russia) , Algeria (North Africa) as well as Western Canada
  • Supervised and took reports from field consultants for various oilfield operations.
  • Worked in field as a completion foreman for several oil companies and field consultant for other various oil companies
  • Prepared AFE estimates, bid quote specifications, bid evaluation and contract awards.

Luke Lawson

Operations Engineer

  • 27+ years oil and gas experience
  • Completions, workovers, abandonment, drilling engineering
  • Preparation and execution of drilling, completion, workover, and abandonment programs
  • Management and supervision of conventional, directional, and horizontal wells
  • extensive experience in completions, horizontal multistage completions utilizing the gamut of completion techniques
  • Supervision of field supervision personnel

Kam Donaghy

Completions Engineering/ Superintendant

  • 16+ years of oil and gas experience
  • Specialize in completion engineering and operations.
  • Experienced in conventional and unconventional multi-stage completions, fracture design, technical support and programming.
  • 10 years of hydraulic fracture experience both as an operator and supervisor in Western Canada and Mexico.

Brandt Tracey, P.Eng

Operations Engineer

  • 13+ years of oil & gas experience
  • 11 years as drilling engineer with background in Project Management and Operations
  • Experience in SAGD, HPHT Deep Gas horizontal drilling, multi-stage fracturing, thermal delineation, directional heavy oil, multi-laterals
  • Worked throughout Western Canada as well as onshore and offshore Saudi Arabia
  • Previous roles as Drilling Superintendent and Team Lead
  • In-depth offset well review analytics for benchmarking and optimization
  • Mentoring/training junior engineers

Bryson Jones

Operations Engineer

  • 3+ years of oil and gas experience
  • Drilling and Completions experience in various fields throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, program design, stick / plan creation, AFE generation.
  • Offset set review analytics for drilling optimization and performance benchmarking.
  • H2S evaluation and release rate engineering support.
  • Specializing in drilling design and engineering operations support.

Piotr Kukialka, P.GEO.M, MSc

Solution Mining & Caverns

  • Provide technical and geological support in solution mining field
  • Specialize in geological evaluation for salt cavern localization and mining
  • Create coring programs and monitor onsite drilling and coring processes
  • Design wireline logging programs and logs evaluation
  • Salt core evaluation and salt leaching rate testing
  • Cavern design and creation of cavern mining programs

Vanessa Brandt

Health & Safety Administrator

  • 5+ years experience in the oil and gas industry
  • Certified Internal Partnerships Auditor-AASP
  • Maintain and improve company’s health & safety manual, policies, procedures and forms
  • Provide new hire orientations, training, safety meetings and monthly safety bulletins
  • Communicate with consultants, maintaining records & documentation
  • Carry out safety meetings, communicate safety alerts, incidents and updates to staff
  • Manage and maintain ISNet, Comply works and Avetta accounts