Our Team

CBW’s core of expertise pulls together teams of subject matter experts in office and field to successfully plan, engineer and execute each specific project.

Dustin Kinch, P.Eng

President, CEO

  • 17+ years oil and gas experience
  • Worked on the drilling rigs; 7 years as drilling engineer
  • Worked throughout Canada, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Gulf of Mexico on and offshore
  • Specializing in Salt Cavern Drilling & Completions
  • Supervised drilling, completion operations, technical support and programming

Peter Christensen, P.Eng

Vice President, COO

  • 15+ years of oil and gas experience in the roles of Engineer (Field, Senior, Design, and Production) and Drilling Engineer/Superintendent
  • Experienced in well design, drilling and completions cost estimates, casing design, preparation of drilling/completions/workover programs, well integrity management, execution of programs, operations  lead and optimization
  • Drilled Cardium and Glauc industry pacesetters in the Ferrier field and country pacesetter well in Algeria
  • Proven track record of driving down drilling time and cost

Chad Huffman

VP Corporate Development

  • 17 years of oil and gas experience
  • Experience in sales, business development and strategy development and sustainable business approaches
  • Brings experience world leader in operations and safety in the global oil and gas market
  • Member of Canadian Energy Executives Association
  • Active member of multiple charitable organizations in the Calgary oil and gas comunity

Jarret Luhr

Completions, Abandonment Lead

  • 15+ years of oil and gas experience
  • Experience in complex completions and abandonment design & operations
  • Worked throughout Western Canada on multiple diverse and challenging abandonment programs (Conventional, Thermal, High Pressure, Critical Sour)
  • Experience in well design, programing, planning and project management
  • Managed re-entries, re-abandonments, well repairs
  • Successfully remediated 70+ vent flows with a first attempt rate of success over 90%
  • Significant SAGD experience, Smart Completions with ICD’s, multiple strings and ESP assemblies.